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“Romar Construction, Inc. has been in the construction industry since 1996 and has used Scott’s Demolition as our sole demolition contractor since the inception of our company. Scott’s Demolition has always proven to be professional, reliable and very competitive in the market. Scott, himself, is quite often on the projects providing supervision and is always quick to answer any questions or concerns that I or the home owners may have. The work performed by his company is always well done and completed on time”.
Larry Fonseca / President / Romar Construction, Inc. / San Mateo, CA. / March 23, 2014
“M&R Construction has used Scott’s Demolition as a subcontractor for over 18 years. He has always proven to be reliable, honest and efficient. His work and the work of his staff is consistently well performed”.
Manuel Grech / Owner / M&R Construction / San Mateo, CA. / March 25, 2014
“Scott’s Demolition did an excellent job on our project in Hillsborough. Scott and his team work very efficiently and did everything we asked of them in a timely manner. Scott handled all the paperwork we needed and he has an excellent relationship with the city. It was a pleasure working with him and his team and we highly recommend them.”
Alex Kang / K&M Development / Hillsborough, CA. / September 14, 2014
“We hired Scott’s Demolition to tear down a large residence in Los Altos. The job had to be done in stages and involved saving some existing foundation. This was a tricky job as the existing structure was unstable and the brick chimneys had to be taken down very carefully. Scott’s Demolition handled the job in a very professional, safe and thorough manner. The operators of all their heavy equipment were extremely skillful and observant. You can tell they had years of experience. Each day Scott’s Demolition left the jobsite neat, organized and free of any unsafe conditions. Working with the owner of Scott’s Demolition was a pleasure. His knowledge and expertise were evident right from the get-go till the end of the project – and this greatly helped us in keeping our project moving on a timely schedule. I would and will recommend Scott’s Demolition to other contractors and home owners with no hesitation. I would do so with full knowledge that they have the professional skills, are excellent about communication and have an attention to detail to do a great job as they did for us”.
Philip Ho / General Contractor / SOHO Improvements / Sunnyvale, CA. / March 25, 2010
“I have hired Scott’s Demolition for multiple projects during the past 6 years, large and small with scope ranging from soft demo of 1000 +/- sq. ft. to over 50,000 sq. ft. on multiple floors of a high rise building. I have found their pricing to be very competitive and their understanding of the scope to be complete. No matter what the size of the project I have always been happy with their work. I find when Scott Rehn is leading his crew you will always get reliable and complete service. Scott understands the need to keep a schedule and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and step in to make sure you are completely satisfied”.
Eric O. Malmquist / Project Manager / Oakstone Construction, Inc. / Placerville, CA. / March 26, 2010
“I recently contracted with Scott’s Demolition to deconstruct an existing home in Los Altos Hills in preparation for a new construction project at that site. Scott was selected for quality, reputation and price. This letter is to serve as a reference for the excellent work that was done by Scott and his team. The project was started on the date agreed and proceeded to completion without interruption and the materials delivered to the resellers per our agreement on time and on schedule. Scott’s Demolition maintained a very tidy work site (For most of the deconstruction the site resembled more a construction site than a deconstruction site – materials were stacked neatly and the site was organized every evening before crews left). The work crews respected immediate neighbors, both of whom commented on the lack of noise and disruption to the neighborhood. I am very pleased with the work done by Scott’s Demolition and would recommend them without hesitation for similar work in the future.”
David C. Nagel / Homeowner / Los Altos Hills, CA. / March 30, 2010
“Last year we required the services of a deconstruction contractor. We met with and received estimates from three contractors and chose Scott’s Demolition. We would like to recommend his services. This was a process unfamiliar to us but the team at Scott’s Demo made it go smoothly for us. They were punctual, completed the project in the time frame they allotted and were professional in every way. During the few weeks of deconstructing our entire house the job was fully manned, anywhere from men at the beginning to as many as 12. At completion the lot was completely cleaned and leveled as if there had never been a structure there. Scott’s Demo also had a rapport with the donation facility as well as the appraiser. They knew exactly what was expected of them and how to achieve it. All in all we had a fine experience working with this knowledgeable and professional business.
Gary and Rica LaVerda / Homeowners / Lafayette, CA. / March 30, 2010
“I am writing this letter to my fellow homeowners who may be considering Scott’s Demolition for their home deconstruction project. We had interviewed 3- 4 companies. Environmentally and economically, the deconstruction solution makes a whole lot of sense. Scott’s team’s bid was competitive and comprehensive. Gary made a few trips to deal with the City of Palo Alto regarding permit which saved us some hassle. The team was punctual and professional. Job site was kept clean. All paperwork was neat and well organized. They have completed the project just as they promised. We really don’t have any complaints. I gave them two thumbs up for an awesome job. After hearing our experience and seeing our project, at least two of our friends have signed up for their services. Choosing Scott’s Demolition for your deconstruction project would be a wise decision”.
Tyson Lee / Homeowner / Palo Alto, CA. / July 25, 2011
“Just got my deconstruction job done with Scott and foreman Al and crew, great guys, great job. Seemed to have worked blazing fast, at one point I probably counted about 12 guys on the roof pulling stuff out. Easy invoicing, fast work, honest guys, come to think of it they probably helped me take away more brick than the contract called for. They even helped me out with some tree protection issues for inspection while I was out of town. Also pretty good with email communications, which can be spotty with some folks. Highly recommended!!”
Hansel Lynn / Homeowner / Palo Alto, CA. / August 29, 2012
Scott, we wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the demo work you did for our remodel. We have done this large project in three stages, and I have to say I was quite appalled at the first stage BEFORE we found you to do the final two. We are remodeling a large house and many of the items to be replaced were in great shape. The first demo team, another regular demo company, came in with sledge hammers and just battered the bathrooms, tub, sinks, & cabinets to pieces. It about did me in to see many good products reduced to rubble. I decided to talk to our contractor about an alternative way to do this, and he had heard good comments about your company. So we contacted you, Scott’s Demolition. From the first moment you and your team came in the door, I knew I was in good hands. Such a professional group of people from start to finish! I can’t tell you how pleased I am that so many of our items were carefully removed in perfect shape and will be reused. This is how all projects should be done. Your first team to analyze and photograph was wonderful, and the demo team was superb as well. I was shocked how conscientious and hard working they were. The lead demo guy constantly checked in with me to make sure I was ok with how the demo was going. They were so careful and took great care not to damage things we were not demo-ing. Thank you so much for providing this much needed service here in Silicon Valley. We feel very fortunate to have had you do our project. I would be happy to serve as a reference for your outstanding work.
Pam & Jim / Homeowners / Los Altos / September 8, 2012  
Thanks so much for making our demo a good one! We were so happy to donate the house, and know that the parts could be reused and that we were keeping the dumping at the landfill to a minimum. We look forward to moving into a lovely new ‘green’ home in the near future.
Tracy & Kia / Homeowners / Napa, CA. / November 30, 2012

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